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"How is your firm paid?"

Hunterdon Legal Collection is a company dedicated to collecting unsatisfied judicial judgments on behalf of our clients. We take all cases on a contingency basis, charging no application or up-front fees of any kind. We even advance the cost of all expenses incurred in locating your debtor and collecting on your behalf. You pay absolutely nothing until we collect, and only if we collect!

"What are your contingency percentage rates and will you need a deposit?"

We neither collect an application fee nor require you to cover any expenses. The fee we charge is a percentage of the money we recover on your behalf. Our fee is a flat 33% of revenues collected on all judgments and debts. We advance all expenses and legal costs incurred in the collection of your judgment. There is never an up-front charge of any kind! Once again, regardless of the time, effort or expense we invest in a case, our clients pay absolutely nothing unless we are successful with collection. We are currently accepting cases for judgments in all states.

"Right now, we have an uncollected debt that is not yet a judgment. Can you take our case?"

Yes, we will take on your uncollected debts. In addition, the service our clients find most beneficial is that we can also assist them in legally obtaining a judicial judgment or transferring a judgment from a different state. This is something that very few agencies will do and it is something we provide to our clients free of charge. As previously stated, we have attorneys on staff that can handle this service for our customers.

"Many judgments go uncollected. What makes your firm different?

The fact is - almost 80% of all judgments are never collected. Hunterdon Legal Collection can collect your judgment as we have the resources, expertise, and determination to execute the court's decision. We have access to a vast number of nationwide databases and hire only experienced collection agents. In addition, Hunterdon Legal Collection has two qualified attorneys on staff, which sets our firm apart from other collection agencies and so-called judgment recovery specialists. We take great pride in our comprehensive knowledge of the laws governing the Superior Court, including the regulations and procedures of the Law Division and the Special Civil Part.

"Is there a minimum amount you will collect and how will you proceed?

If you have a valid court awarded judgment of $2500 or more, we will use every method at our disposal to collect the full amount of your unpaid judgment plus any interest you are due. We will track your debtor down even if he or she has moved to another state. We will garnish wages, attach bank accounts, and seize assets as necessary. We'll do it all without notification or confrontation. In short, we will collect the money to which you are legally and rightfully entitled.

"Where are you located and what are your credentials?"

Hunterdon Legal Collection is located in Annandale and Flemington, New Jersey and is a member in good standing of The National Judgment Network and The National Association of Judgment Professionals. We are fully bonded and licensed with the State of New Jersey. Since our inception in 1996, we have successfully collected more than 85% of the judicial judgments assigned to us. Although we specialize in NJ judgments, we will accept judgments nationally.

"How do we get started?"

Please complete our short online application. We will review your case and arrange a telephone consultation with you as quickly as possible. There is absolutely no obligation on your part.

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